Hello, I'm Giovanni 👋

I've been booking appointments at the Italian consulate on Prenota Online for many years, now [email protected]

My story starts like yours - I wanted to become Italian citizen.

Back in 2016, I got all my paperwork ready and then thought I could book an appointment at the consulate. Well, as you know, that process isn't easy!

Trying to get an appointment caused me months of frustration and hours of wasted time. I wish I could have paid someone to do it for me, not to spend hours in the hope that I might get one eventually. But that service didn't exist. So I created one.

It's come a long way since its beginning. I've created a service that has helped many struggling people and many who would have never been able to book appointments themselves because they would never be quick, technical enough or had disabilities.

I hope this service is no longer needed one day, and the consulate increases the number of appointments drastically, but until that day comes, I'm here if you need my help.